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Big Island Love

Tristan and Lindsey were a breath of fresh air for this seasoned wedding photographer. After saying goodbye to the craft during the global pandemic as I worked as a home care provider to my then recently paralyzed wife, these beautiful people were the very first to trust me behind the lens and my heart continues to be filled by their presence.

Now a few years later they are looking at a non-pandemic wedding celebration, possibly somewhere on the mainland and I cannot wait to see them again and reconnect.

I will always cherish the time we got to spend together on the big island. They were so in love and so relaxed. I could tell that they trusted me with their memories and this is such a critical element to taking great portraits. I know the technical elements of my camera gear, but if my couples aren't relaxed and enjoying the experience, things can fall apart.

It's this mantra that I will continue to chant before engaging in any session with a client. "People are beautiful, find that beauty and make sure they know you believe that you've found it."

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