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Newly weds in classic black and white.

The NWP Experience

If you haven’t had your photo taken professionally in recent years, trust me, you’re very photogenic.


I have a lot of clients who announce how "unphotogenic" they are, and forget that a selfie, even in the modern era of filters and what not, is no replacement for a professional eye, great composition, a relaxed atmosphere and some really good equipment and editing skills.


So Relax, I Got You.


If there’s one thing I do hang my hat on, it’s my ability to direct or not direct as the energy directs me. Some clients need a helping hand (physically in some cases) to get into a flattering pose. Others need a good conversation with snaps happening in between. Others again need to not even know they’ve been photographed and simply go wow when they go through their online galleries after the big day. I’m a people person, I love people and the last thing I want to do with the people who trust me with their memories is to make them feel awkward or uncomfortable. This is professional photography, not a trip to the dentist.


It’s a Day to Enjoy


On that note, as I tell all my brides and grooms (mostly it’s the brides I’m talking to): don’t get caught up so much in the details of the day to the point that you don’t enjoy the day. As a photographer, my goal isn’t to take you away from the experiences you’re really going to remember for years to come. Make this the best day of your life and I promise that the images our studio captures will resonate even more purely with you for years to come.


Energy in All Things


Creating awesome photos isn’t a one way street and if there’s one thing I believe in (ask my wife) it’s synergy. So before we even get to the point of capturing your precious memories, let’s try to meet up, physically (if possible) but more likely virtually. Let’s chat, have a laugh, catch up on life and figure out if we enjoy being around each other on what’s often a high stress situation for all parties involved. I have a pretty decent hit rate with adult human beings, though I’m often best with children and dogs, so let’s figure this out together.


Our Couples


The NWP Wedding Experience is about creating a relationship. I shoot the weddings of course but I also end up shooting the maternity and family portraits for our clients for years to come.

These clients I like to call Lifers, and these are the people who are proud to bring me into their world, and I am in turn chuffed to be such a huge part of theirs. 


I photograph for the companies they work for, I photograph their larger family events and become family myself. I am are there for the first bump of a pregnant belly and the important welcome to the family moments of a new born. And even now, being miles away from where I made my base, I am flying back and forth constantly to keep documenting these wonderful people as their children become adults and our lives continue to bloom and blossom with new opportunities and adventures. 


I've had quite a few Lifers over my long career and these relationships are critical to my continued success in this increasingly crazy time to be alive.

Based in Hawai'i now, I hope I can create some new Ohana in this beautiful part of the world. 

Family photography being performed on Oahu, Hawaii now.
Maternity photography showing the bond between two lovers.
Maternity photography on location in the forest.
Gorgeous couple with their new born baby boy
Family photography at a rustic beach setting.
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