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Aloha from Oahu Hawai'i. My name's Nigel Wallace and I'm a wedding photographer located on the most populated Hawaiian island in the chain. With over 15 years of wedding experience across the globe, I've settled on one of the premiere destinations for weddings as my home. I do love to travel and whether it's to another Hawaiian island or further afield to the US mainland, the Caribbean (my former home) or another continent all together,  I come ready to capture the most iconic memories of your special day. Mahalo for getting to know me, and I look forward to being your photographer for  your perfect Hawaiian Wedding!

Services I Provide

Different Ways to Work with Me

Wedding Day(s)

Emotional ceremony moments in Barbados.


Elopement photography is very rewarding.

Portrait Sessions

One of the couples who started a wonderful wedding career.
Hanging out with my brides after a successful wedding shoot.
This Hawaiian photographer loves his couples.
I love my Hawaiian brides.
Dancing the night away with the bride's mother after a beautiful wedding.

About Me

Hey potential client, it’s Nigel Wallace now hailing from Oahu, Hawai'i, but your contract will call me, “The Photographer”. Sounds intimidating, but that’s just because we have to speak in lawyer when keeping both of us safe and booking your sessions.


With that said, I’m not “The Photographer”, I’m “Your Photographer” and I love my clients, most of whom become my friends.


I’ve been shooting seriously since 2006 and became a part time professional wedding photographer back in 2007 when I took on my first wedding as the lead photographer, on the sunny and tourism driven island of Barbados.


Going full pro in 2013 and leaving my job as a photo journalist and editor at the Barbados Advocate behind, I opened a little studio and started focusing on a wider scope of work, some of which was driven by my wedding clients who now needed maternity and family photographs as well. I quickly went from wedding photographer to “You’re our family photographer now!”


Fast forward to today, and I’m based quite a few miles away from my Barbados home on the beautiful island of Oahu where I am excited to meet amazing new clients and form new connections and relationships with amazing people who are willing to let me help to tell the stories they will share with their families for generations.


So, at this juncture, I’m a traveling photographer who is telling stories from Hawaii to Barbados and everywhere in between.


I hope you will be a part of this exciting journey with me!



Kara and Randy's Dream Wedding (Barbados 2021)

Kara and Randy's Dream Wedding (Barbados 2021)

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Nicole and Paul's Clifton Hall Wedding

Nicole and Paul's Clifton Hall Wedding

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Camille and Jetandra's Pandemic Wedding

Camille and Jetandra's Pandemic Wedding

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Honolulu, HI, 96816

(808) 690-5287

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