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NWP Couples

I love my couples. I won’t lie, in the 15 years I’ve been doing this a few people have been a less than perfect fit, but for 99% of the time, it’s been amazing. This is why the consultation process is so critical.


I don’t want to just help you plan an amazing wedding experience, I want to get to know you, share a laugh and form an incredible bond that is critical to creating the most amazing memories.

-The Sanicharans

Published in Inside Weddings Spring 2021

I have worked with Nigel a few times before and each session was fun and relaxing. He has a way of making even the shyest person feel comfortable on camera, and does a fantastic job at allowing you to express yourself.


When my big day was approaching, I without hesitation told my fiancé that we had to choose NWP Weddings. A wedding photographer should capture those little moments between you and your partner that may go unseen by others but are felt by just you two. Nigel captured those precious twinkles that revealed pure emotion and raw personality in the most perfect way.


We could not have asked for better. Thank you NWP Weddings for our unforgettable memories!


A beautiful bride in a tropical paradise. Featured in Inside Weddings Spring Edition 2021