About Us

About Us

Nigel– Lead Photographer, Film Maker.

There’s nothing quite like an authentic memory. Simultaneously there’s nothing quite like a slice of beautifully captured fantasy.

Nigel Wallace understands that both of these things have their time and place for the modern bride and creates a wedding experience designed to suit the tastes of each individual client with these two ideals in mind.

True photojournalism blends perfectly with posed images and spectacular editorial photography to provide the bride with the authentic moments that bring tears to your eyes as well as the directed moments that make your friends jealous.

Believing in the importance of a relaxed client, Nigel Wallace is more than your photographer, but truly someone you can call on prior to, during and after the event to ensure that you have the best possible wedding experience.

Guilty of befriending most of his clients, Nigel accepts the intimacy that a camera brings to his life, and is prepared to enhance both his portfolio and friends list.